Data Governance Trends

Predictions, pitfalls and technologies for the future of digital work

Data Governance Trends

Remote work isn’t going away anytime soon, nor is the long list of apps and tools employees rely on to store data and collaborate on projects. These shifts have been a lifesaver for employees navigating the pandemic, but there’s also been a ripple effect for businesses trying to get a handle on their disparate collections of content.

Unstructured data is growing at unprecedented and exponential levels. This represents one of the biggest challenges facing IT leaders today, as content such as emails and files are constantly shared across businesses and with third-parties.

This report focuses on understanding the challenges in securing and governing the single largest source of enterprise data risk: unstructured content. 

Included in this report:

  • How content is being stored and shared in hybrid work environments
  • The top data security threats associated with the current work paradigms
  • The strategies companies have adopted—or plan to adopt—to combat these issues