Sitecore CMS — Key Tips & Best Practices

How to deliver solid marketing performance and great user experiences

Sitecore CMS Best Practices

To justify massive investments incurred by organizations on CXM/CMS platform, economies of scale should be practiced religiously. For an organization that expects better returns, system integrations, solution architecture, release management, training and ongoing maintenance are all of utter importance. If these are not carried out efficiently, an organization's digital marketing and technology efforts and expected ROI can both nosedive.

To achieve better end-user experience and top performance levels with your Sitecore CMS implementation, you need a well-planned—and properly executed website architecture among other things. Your investment in Sitecore can yield better returns through an in-depth analysis and recommendations program.

Included in this guide:

  • Why is a Sitecore CMS implementation audit beneficial?
  • Best practices for content architecture
  • Which performance related factors need to be looked at?

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