How to Win at Choosing Your Intranet Platform

Lessons from the trenches & key features to prioritize

When evaluating an intranet CMS, you need to ensure it has the features that are right for your organization. The purpose of this eBook is to help you prioritize the intranet-related features of a CMS.

This guide is based on the many conversations DNN had with internal communicators and wider intranet project teams. You can use the guide to spark your own thinking, enable conversations and articulate your own needs. You can even use it as the basis for an intranet CMS evaluation checklist.

Included in this e-book:

  • Four high-level objectives internal communicators want from an intranet
  • Seven key features of an intranet CMS
  • Suggested steps when choosing an intranet CMS solution

This e-book is sponsored by DNN.

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