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The Intelligent Digital Workplace Assistant

An introduction for digital workplace teams

The Intelligent Digital Workplace Assistant

Intelligent Digital Workplace Assistant (IDA). It speaks your language. It anticipates your needs. And it delivers information in context.

IDA is a software-based agent, connected to broad amounts of data, which performs services and tasks for a member of an organization’s workforce. It can be paired with a hardware-enabling voice interface, or it can use a chatbot interface to make the human/assistant connection.

This Digital Workplace Group (DWG) briefing paper will bring you up to speed on the rapidly developing trend, covering the elements of an IDA (Intelligent Digital Workplace Assistant), key terms, business drivers and some next steps to consider.

Included in this white paper:

  • Four key elements of an IDA
  • Key terms in the world of the IDA
  • The business case for IDAs
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