How Mature is Your Digital Workplace?

Benchmarking collaboration and digital services in organizations

Digital Workplace Maturity

A survey of Digital Workplace Group members at the end of 2015 established that less than 25% had a formal digital workplace program or function in place.

Is your company taking a holistic view of the digital workplace?

The digital workplace matters. It is an asset that has strategic importance for organizations. This will only increase in the future.

The reality is that most organizations are only beginning their journey into the digital workplace — working on a consensus among stakeholders about how to proceed and collecting an objective data about the company’s digital workplace.

This report focuses on how DWG’s Digital Workplace Maturity Benchmark (DWMB) is helping organizations get the data and insight to advance their digital workplace programs.

Inside this report:

  • The digital workplace maturity benchmark evolution
  • How the benchmark delivers value
  • Insights from digital workplace maturity benchmarking
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