Bringing Data-Driven Decision-Making to All Corners of a Media Company

Making real-time analytics meaningful

Data Driven Decision

As “big data” is increasingly used to drive ad relevancy, user engagement, as well as getting users to pay for content, traditional publishers are finding themselves with a need for new competencies to drive decisions. Thus, the challenge is: publishers need to teach their people to understand, monitor and act on data as part of their everyday work.

Easier said than done. Few editorial departments really embrace the use of data in content production, editing or presentation, and advertising sales have used years just to adopt terms such as CPM and click rate. Still, this was the task to be solved with one large media company that has a wide range of digital properties reaching millions of unique users every day.

Included in this white paper:

  • Getting data to the corners of the company
  • Three example dashboards
  • What to look for in an analytics tool

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