Commanding Attention in a Content-Driven World

The complete guide to visual commerce

Visual Commerce Playbook

Just a decade ago, there were merely a handful of places where consumers could go to discover and buy your products. They could visit your store, check out your website, or head over to a retail partner who carried your stuff. As a marketer, you had a firm grip on the wheel, steering consumers down a straight and narrow path to shopping nirvana. And you controlled nearly every part of the journey, from the color scheme and lighting to the manner in which store associates welcomed consumers as they walked through the door

Today ... well, it’s complicated. From social sites and mobile apps to an endless supply of blogs, consumers are in a perpetual state of discovery, engagement and shopping – and they’re creating content too. At the center of all this activity is the image. With billions of images shared daily across a growing number of consumer touchpoints, every picture is the start of a journey – a gateway to not only engagement but revenue.

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  • The connection of content and commerce
  • Three major trends for visual commerce
  • Consumer expectations vs. the retail experience

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