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AI in Your Customer Service Transformation

Constructing the next gen agent

AI in your customer service transformation

It’s clear the role of the support agent is changing. From simple fixer to counselor and coach, support agents’ day-to-day jobs are becoming more strategic as more content is driven to self-service channels. But how can AI influence this new way to work?

This on-demand webinar dives deep into how AthenaHealth welcomed AI with open arms to enable their agents to do more on their own, and how they became more collaborative, more invested and created more content along the way.

Included in this on-demand webinar:

  • What to start your customer service transformation journey roadmap with
  • Improvements in case deflection, escalations, customer satisfaction achieved by TSIA members
  • Showcase of AthenaHealth state of support: pre-AI, implementation, post-AI, lessons learned and next steps
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