Make Omnichannel Real In B2B Commerce

The B2B e-commerce playbook

Make Omnichannel Real In B2B Commerce

Disruption is turning B2B buying and selling on its head. Quick and efficient B2C buying journeys have reshaped B2B buyers’ expectations, and marketplaces have shortened the distance between buyers and suppliers.

Buyers prefer to self-serve, but B2B’s nuances and complexities often get in the way. That’s why digital business leaders need to deliver a consistently high-quality buying experience to their customers, regardless of their preferred channel.

This report walks through the business benefits of omnichannel and seven ways to help you execute.

Included in this report:

  • Bringing omnichannel to the forefront and driving new outcomes
  • Seven steps to execute on omnichannel B2B commerce
  • The B2B selling spectrum