Amazon vs. Brands

How manufacturers can compete to win

Amazon vs. BrandsBrands are now faced with a difficult decision: partner with Amazon and risk giving away sensitive information about their GTM strategy or business model, or don’t partner and risk remaining a competitor to the #1 online retailer.

The dilemma is seen in the startling statistics, with 38% of all e-commerce searches starting on Amazon (as opposed to a search engine); 28% of shoppers preferring to look at Amazon when they first start their customer journey, and even at subsequent touchpoints.

In this guide you will learn the strategies to compete not only with the e-commerce behemoth, but other competitors as well – and still thrive in the process.

Included in this guide:

  • What the latest consumer buying trends imply for brands who want to compete with Amazon
  • Why prioritizing rich and emotionally compelling product experiences is key to competing with Amazon
  • How to go beyond product data management and enable your brand to fully optimize its product experience
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