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Create a Better User Experience Through Visual Storytelling

Insightful conversation on visual story implementation

Create a Better User Experience Through Visual Storytelling

Increasingly, rich media is recognized as being pivotal to the growth of many vertical markets, from ecommerce startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Brands are rapidly realizing the need to take visual storytelling to the next level. However, visual media files can be heavy which can increase page load times, deter visitors and hamper your search engine rankings. So how do you balance the desire to create engaging visual content on your site with the need for speedy delivery to your end users?

Join Blake Hutchison, Chief Revenue Officer of Luxury Escapes, and Sanjay Sarathy, Vice President of Marketing of Cloudinary, as they examine the issues preventing brands from creating the ideal consumer experience, and provide key operational considerations, including:

  • The business impact of web site performance
  • Tips on creating SEO-optimized media assets
  • How to ensure mobile responsiveness
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