Find the 'Who' Using B2B Data

Put Customers at the Heart of Your Marketing

Find the Who Using B2B Data to Put Customers at the Heart of Your Marketing

Marketing sure can feel off sometimes. If you’ve ever ventured onto the internet (admit it, you’ve taken a peek once or twice), we’re willing to bet that you’ve been followed around by ads for those shoes you looked at once and received more than a few weirdly “personalized” emails that got your name wrong.

Clearbit completed a tour of the data that marketers use to figure out which prospects to focus on and how to reach out in a way that feels relevant.

This e-Book gives an overview of the foundational data that makes our jobs possible—the data that helps marketers know their customers better, creates better communications, and makes the buyer’s journey a pleasant one.

Included in this e-Book:

  • Creating an ideal customer profile
  • Lead processing and routing
  • Converting more website visitors through personalization 
  • Intent data examples: the known and the hidden
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