How Creative Directors Can Best Leverage Enterprise DAM

What digital asset management (DAM) can do for Creative Directors

Guide to DAM

Creative Directors who seek the best way to manage the flow, storage and delivery of digital assets confront a rapidly evolving landscape of digital asset management (DAM) systems and practices. No longer viewed as simple systems and processes for basic asset handling and archiving, DAM has expanded into the functional areas of digital workflow management, digital rights management, client portals, tight integration into leading enterprise systems and creative development tools, as well as specialized video asset handling.

This presents exciting new possibilities for Creative Directors, who see DAM’s potential to increase the quality and efficiency of their department’s work, improve workflow with the rest of their enterprise and, most importantly, make customers happy.

Included in this e-book:

  • Improving client relationships with DAM
  • Making the most of specialized video asset capabilities
  • How DAM systems have become members of the enterprise technology ecosystem

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