Digital Asset Management ROI

A marketer’s guide to understanding key issues that impact DAM success and ROI


The way digital asset management (DAM) has changed over the past few years has given companies good incentive to take a closer look at the way they organize files and content. New and more efficient systems can streamline older processes, but the benefits of implementing a new process or uprooting an older practice might be difficult to convey to the executives who make the company’s buying decisions.

A compelling argument is to describe the long-term negative impact that disorganized file management has on a company’s ROI. To understand ROI in relation to DAM, it’s necessary to consider the common issues related to how companies inefficiently manage their assets.

Included in this e-book:

  • A look at the issues that negatively impact ROI
  • The difference between hard and soft ROI
  • Common struggles with cloud-based DAM solutions

This e-book is sponsored by Canto.

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