5 Ways to Unleash the Power of Voice Data

Transform your organization with conversation analytics

Unleash the Power of Voice Data

Despite the rise of Omnichannel Customer Engagements, voice interactions continue to play a vital role in all business today. But Voice Data is often overlooked in the data mix.

Each conversation that takes place in an organization poses an opportunity or a risk. Currently, in an average ten-minute call, an alarming 95% of the conversation is largely ignored with most of the focus for analysis aimed at the post-call survey. It’s estimated that less than 2% of customers provide usable inputs in surveys from which metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score) are calculated.

Using conversation analytics technology, organizations can convert unstructured data from all voice conversations into structured, searchable content, allowing businesses to quickly harness actionable insights.

This e-book explores how you can add Voice Data into your Enterprise Analytics to improve revenue, increase employee engagement and enhance customer experience with conversation analytics.

Included in this e-book:

  • The value and power of voice data to transform your organization
  • Why voice data can improve compliance and risk mitigation
  • How conversation analytics can revolutionize quality assurance processes
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