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How Global Brands Power Growth with Branding Automation

The next step in online brand and marketing management systems

5 Steps to a Successful Site Redesign

Branding professionals spend a huge amount of time ensuring consistency of brand assets throughout the entire content lifecycle. This is because in each stage of the process - content creation, cultivation and consumption - various tools are used. Imagine if you could close this loop, have control of the entire content lifecycle and in doing so, achieve end-to-end brand consistency.

That's where branding automation comes in – the next step in online brand and marketing management systems. Branding automation software provides brand managers with the tool- kit necessary to scale up their branding and stay in control of all brand-related content. In this white paper, we take a look at how global brands power growth with branding automation software, using DPDgroup's rebranding process as a case-study example.


Included in this paper:

  • What Is Branding Automation?
  • How Does Branding Automation Help Global Brands Power Growth?
  • How Does Branding Automation Create Value?
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