5 Core Functions in Your Business That Require Good Information Governance

5 Core Functions in Your Business that Require Good Information Governance

In the rush to achieve digital transformation, governance often ends up an afterthought. That's bad news because these non-negotiable controls and polices end up creating headaches for end users and whole departments. Turns out, governance is an essential component of your digital transformation. Automating these back-office functions as much as possible is key to unlocking the productivity gains inside digital transformation.

That's the conclusion of 5 Lines of Business that Require Good Governance, a new report by AIIM. Download this new report now to learn why:

  • Good governance is essential in 5 core departments: Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing and Sales
  • Digital transformation hinges on how you handle date retention management, defensible discovery and security practices
  • How automating governance can free up your employees to focus on more value-add work
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