How to Secure Your Content in the Cloud with Box

Digital-first companies need digital-first security

How to Secure Your Content in the Cloud with Box

It seems like every week there's news of another security breach where customer data is stolen. Studies show a single security breach can result in a 5% drop in your company's stock price and damage your relationship with almost one‑third of your customers.

If you're going to be a digital‑first company, you need digital‑first security. At Box, security and governance are woven into Cloud Content Management so you get a single, secure platform to manage all of your content across the extended enterprise.

This e‑Book explores how Cloud Content Management solutions like Box reduce security risks while empowering everyday users, and ultimately provide a modern content platform to help enterprises succeed in the digital age.

Included in this e-book:

  • The four key tenets of Box security
  • Information governance, compliance and privacy
  • Infrastructure security and threat management
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