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A Holistic Approach to Information Governance

Exploring retention, discovery and security classifications

A Holistic Approach to Information Governance

What does it take to have an effective information governance?

To make the most efficient use of information, it needs to be properly managed and governed from cradle (creation / capture) to grave (destruction / archiving). Holistic Information Governance results in faster and better decisions, while reducing information-related risks, legal costs and information storage costs. More importantly, holistically governing information leads to a better bottom line when organizations reap the rewards from the new framework.

This white paper details how to achieve good, holistic Information Governance which can be used to help your organization innovate and digitally transform.

Included in this white paper:

  • A definition of Information Governance (IG)
  • How to know if your company needs Information Governance
  • Real life challenges, solutions and outcomes
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