5 Black Friday E-Commerce Personalization Tips

Discover how to personalize like a pro on the world’s busiest shopping day

5 Black Friday E-Commerce Personalization Tips

While Black Friday can bring massive gains to brands, there are a ton of pitfalls too. It’s crucial that brands knock the commerce experience out of the park to boost revenue and earn loyal customers who will shop with your business year-round.

Brands need to invest in their site experience, adding personalization that adjusts to shoppers’ behaviors, and ensure the process of getting customers to checkout is smooth.

This e-Book gathers together expert opinions and top tips for how you can incorporate personalization into your Black Friday 2021 strategy to drive growth.

Included in this e-Book:

  • Use personalized product recommendations to drive exploration and purchases
  • Extend meaningful personalization to marketing channels, like email
  • Optimize for results by A/B testing before the holidays hit