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The State of the Customer Journey in 2019

Why it is still hard to get the customer journey right

The State of the Customer
Journey in 2019

Struggling to create profitable customer journeys for every customer? You’re not alone.

In highly competitive markets, winning (or losing) a customer often comes down to who can provide a truly excellent omnichannel customer experience. That means your customers move seamlessly from awareness through evaluation to finally making their purchase decisions.

This report explains how and why martech data integration problems hinder an accurate and holistic picture of most customer journeys — and how you can fix that.

Included in this survey report:

  • Customer journey benchmarks collected from 150+ companies
  • Analysis of common obstacles preventing customer journey maps
  • Conclusions and next steps for addressing your customer journey challenges

This report is sponsored by Arm Treasure Data.

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This survey report is sponsored by Arm Treasure Data.