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Big Data, Bigger Profits

Today’s consumers expect personalization in exchange for loyalty

Big Data, Bigger Profits

Innovative retailers that expect to thrive in today’s competitive atmosphere understand that the only way to survive is to embrace the blurred lines between online, offline, eCommerce, mCommerce, and brick and mortar. Technology is the driving force, disrupting how consumers shop, removing barriers to entry for new businesses and pushing towards concierge and on-demand services, ultra-convenience consumption, and hyper-personalization.

Physical store space continues to evolve as well — as companies redefine how they stay in touch with customers accordingly. Some are adapting to an omni-channel marketing strategy by working to create a unified brand experience across all channels. These are companies who promote offers and deals to in-store visitors on their mobile devices, shipping purchases to stores (or shipping in-store purchases to customers’ homes).

This white paper details how innovators who tailor the experience for each individual shopper address consumer needs, build brand loyalty and how embracing new technology is a beneficial strategic play for organizations.

Included in this white paper:

  • The role of data in the strategies of the disruptors
  • The move toward on-demand services and hyper-personalization
  • Different challenges for different types of companies (eCommerce only, hybrid eCommerce / retail, CPG)

This white paper is sponsored by Arm Treasure Data.

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This white paper is sponsored by Arm Treasure Data.