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What Marketers and Digital Teams Can Expect from Drupal 9

Deliver powerful customized experiences

What Marketers and Digital Teams can expect from Drupal 9

With over 570,000+ sites, 1.3 million community members and capturing 2.9% market share, Drupal, the much-loved open-source CMS needs no introduction.

The arrival of Drupal 9 promises enhanced security and an easy up-gradation process on top of everything that Drupal 8 has to offer. Drupal solution providers are innovating with Drupal 9 by integrating conversational UI, video streaming solutions, ecommerce, and data platforms, to deliver powerful customized experiences.

Read this white paper and learn why should Drupal 9 be part of your MarTech Stack.

Included in this White Paper:

  • Explanation of the new content authoring experience
  • Why Digital, Web & IT Teams will love Drupal 9
  • Benefits of using Ameex’s Accelerated DXP Framework
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