What Can CXM Do For You?

Driving business value

Driving Business Value: What can CXM do for you?

Have you ever wished you could just read your customers’ minds, to find out what it is they really want? While we can’t promise any mind-reading powers, customer experience management (CXM) can give you the next best thing.

CXM captures a 360-degree view of the customer experience, using feedback, analysis, and orchestration to help businesses better understand what their customers are looking for. But what can CXM do for you, specifically?

This ebook dives into understanding how CXM creates value for customers, employees, and businesses by improving the customer experience, accelerating innovation, mitigating the risk of decisions, and increasing revenue.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The CXM Value Realization Framework and the core components of CXM
  • How to respond to customers and monitor CXM performance
  • The 4 Value Pillars of CXM
  • How to overcome the CXM Plateau
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