Selecting the Right CMS Platform:
The Definitive Guide

Learn the top questions you should ask any CMS vendor

Selecting the Right CMS Platform

CMS, DMS, CXM, EMS… These are just a few of the acronyms that get thrown around by the vendors that are selling digital marketing tools.

It sometimes feels like every provider has created new and exciting terminology to make their offering stand out in the crowd. The lack of a true common vernacular makes the process of selection dizzying for the digital marketer trying to pick the right tool to meet their mission objectives.

This how-to guide provides a framework to help you evaluate a new web content management system and make the best decision for your company, while avoiding the hidden fees.

Inside this guide:

  • Defining the primary stakeholders and business objectives
  • Budget proposal guide for implementation and maintenance
  • Identifying required features and technical considerations
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