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The Convergence of Technical and Marketing Communication

Content is content

The Convergence of Technical Communication and Marketing Communication

Content is content, or is it?

While the distinction between marketing communication and technical communication is far less pronounced than it once was, managers sometimes see little difference between the two and often put content creators together in one role or department - and this is often thought to be the wrong approach.

Reality is, marketing and technical communication are generated for the same end users at different points in the product adoption lifecycle. Your end users don't distinguish between pre and post sale content, so why should you?

In this white paper, discover the value of a seamless, consistent user experience and the various steps of research and implementation to get you there.

Included in this white paper:

  • Convergence of pre-sales and post-sales content
  • Necessity of seamless & consistent user experience
  • Implementation of an enterprise tool

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This white paper is sponsored by Adobe.