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10 Ways DITA can Help Drive a Unified Strategy

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is the accepted industry standard for creating structured content

10 Ways DITA can Help Drive a Unified Strategy

A Unified Content Strategy is the methodical and purposeful management of your information assets across all divisions of your enterprise, in a way that breaks down silos and makes information easy to find and use.

Structured content is the best way to strategically optimize your content. Firstly, structured content separates content from format. Secondly, the structure allows you to mark up content with semantic elements and metadata, both of which can lead to high levels of consistency and lower maintenance efforts.

This white paper discusses why a unified DITA-driven, enterprise-wide approach to content can have a profound impact on the enterprise.

Included in this white paper:

  • Why unified content strategy is essential for enterprises
  • Why DITA driven approach is best for creating structured content
  • How DITA drives unified content strategy

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This white paper is sponsored by Adobe.