Strategic Marcomm and Techcomm Integration

Develop better customer relationships

Strategic Marcomm and Techomm Intergration

Marketers and web content strategists are under a lot of pressure right now. They’re facing multiple challenges such as, channel proliferation, global/local balancing acts and their associated costs, and of course, customers who are increasingly informed, empowered to self-serve across their lifecycle, and quick-to-switch if experiences disappoint.

By unifying metadata standards, you can gain customer loyalty, make them aware of your offerings and improve the product evaluation experience.

This whitepaper describes industry challenges and recommends strategic and tactical responses to those challenges that can move the needle on key business metrics.

Inside this whitepaper:

  • Industry challenges and recommendations
  • Building a unified content strategy
  • Having a consistent voice but context-specific tones

This whitepaper is sponsored by Adobe.

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This whitepaper is sponsored by Adobe.