10 Ways DITA Can Help Drive a Unified Strategy

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is the accepted industry standard for creating structured content

10 Ways DITA can Help Drive a Unified Strategy

A Unified Content Strategy is the methodical and purposeful management of your information assets across all divisions of your enterprise, in a way that breaks down silos and makes information easy to find and use.

When content created by the enterprise is treated as a valuable corporate asset, it’s more efficient for the enterprise and easier for content creators. Not only internally, but the end-users reap the real benefit by getting the content they need when they need it.

This whitepaper discusses why a unified DITA-driven, enterprise-wide approach to content can have a profound impact on the enterprise.

Included in this whitepaper:

  • Why unified content strategy is essential for enterprises
  • Why DITA driven approach is best for creating structured content
  • How DITA drives unified content strategy

This whitepaper is sponsored by Adobe.

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This whitepaper is sponsored by Adobe.