The True Cost of Content Chaos

Bring your content strategy back under control

Bring Your Content Strategy Back Under Control

Successfully creating, publishing, and managing great content is a boon for any business.

But content chaos can undermine your team's efforts leading to confusing, fragmented, and inconsistent customer experiences. Content that’s off-strategy, off-brand, undiscoverable, or irrelevant will damage your business and hand your competitors an easy advantage. That’s a cost your organization can’t afford to bear.

This guide introduces Active Content Governance, a fast-emerging approach to align your company’s content to your strategy and give your organization a one clear voice.

Included in this guide:

  • What are the major contributing factors to content fragmentation, duplication, quality and consistency issues
  • Why traditional content governance tactics aren't fit and lead to a huge waste of time and money
  • How the Active Content Governance framework can help and the steps you can take next
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