White Paper: The 3 Stages of Digital Marketing Maturity

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The modern digital marketer’s job is more complex than ever before. Today’s data-driven marketer is expected to manage a myriad of online channels while staying on top of ever-changing market conditions. While insights are available, they are often hidden across multiple data applications, complex spreadsheets or locked in an enterprise data warehouse. 

Fortunately, recent technological advances are helping to alleviate these challenges by taming the complex problem of channel explosion and need for cloud speed. 

This white paper covers:

  • How to improve your cross-channel visibility with aggregation and integration
  • Automating responses to trends across all channels
  • How to enable self-optimizing digital marketing

This white paper covers the three stages of digital marketing maturity and describes how modern marketing organizations should operate at each stage. 

Transforming digital marketing into an exact science


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