10 Steps to Optimize SharePoint Performance

Better understand the keys to successful SharePoint deployment and maintenance.

10 Sharepoint Tips

SharePoint offers a tremendous array of options for improving performance and efficiency of collaborative portal applications. Implementing basic performance enhancements as outlined in this paper can provide tremendous improvements to the operation and performance of SharePoint within the enterprise.

This white paper was written by Eric Shupps, a renowned MVP that specializes in SharePoint performance to help organizations better understand the different ways and places SharePoint performance can be improved. SharePoint deployments are a combination of applications, services and databases where delivering a scalable, dynamic and efficient portal implementation can be a challenging task for even the most experienced IT professionals. 

This study covers:

  • A basic understanding of the inner workings of the SharePoint optimization framework
  • How to improve performance both within and around the SharePoint infrastructure
  • A number of simple practices for maintaining healthy infrastructure status

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Download the white paper: