Study: Understanding the ROI of Enterprise Content Management

Is ECM Just a Cost of Doing Business? Why Leading Organizations Say "No"

ECM ROIThis paper outlines the findings of the most recent research commissioned by OpenText. From the results of extensive customer interviews with some of the world's best-known brands across a wide variety of industries, OpenText has uncovered a wealth of information about the ROI of ECM.

This study sheds light on the business drivers of ECM, the value, specific areas of ROI, and ECM best practices - all gathered from interviews with some of the most progressive organizations in terms of demonstrable value derived from their deployments and strategies.

This study covers:

  • A survey of the Top Reasons and Goals for implementation
  • How ECM relates to regulatory compliance and internal policies
  • Comparisons of productivity before and after deployments

This guide is sponsored by OpenText.

Download the study: