7 Ways the Mobile Consumer Changes Everything

Learn how to optimize your web content for mobile to drive more sales

Mobile Consumer Whitepaper

Shopper’s mobile use in research and buying is exploding. It’s no longer enough to think of consumers as online vs. in-store. The mobile shopper is neither and both of these, becoming the norm rather than the exception. And, just like their desktop counterparts, mobile shoppers who read reviews and other customer-written content are far more likely to convert than those who don’t. In fact, mobile shoppers who read customer content like reviews show 133% higher conversion rate.

Even if your product is a non-digital product, you can bet your customers are doing research via mobile devices. Download the whitepaper “7 Ways the Mobile Consumer Changes Everything” to learn how to optimize your web content for mobile, as well as optimize in-store product research, to drive more sales.

The Mobile Consumer White Paper covers:

  • Identifying the mobile features that are best for your customer
  • How mobile usage drives in-store purchases
  • Responsive design and mobile optimization

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