Planning a CMS Data Migration? 8 Critical Factors for Success

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8 Critical Success Factors

Content migration is an essential element of any CMS implementation and represents one of the highest reward— yet highest risk—activities of an implementation project. Many organizations lack the proper planning or resources to handle this complex task.

Consequently, poorly planned and executed data migrations lead to budget issues, project delays, and potential data corruption. Fortunately, much of this risk can be mitigated with a thorough and properly formed migration strategy to ensure a timely project that stays within budget. 

This white paper addresses:

  • The most critical stage to CMS project implementation success
  • Eight factors common to successful migration projects
  • How to develop a risk-mitigated migration plan for CMS migration

Read this white paper to learn how to improve the likelihood of success in your CMS platform or content migration project.

Anticipate, navigate and minimize the impact of data migration traps


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