Buyer's Guide: Evaluating Customer Community Platforms

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Customer-centric organizations that deliberately invest in a comprehensive customer experience strategy are leading their industries. Their strategy addresses the new ways that today’s social, tech-savvy customers expect to interact with brands.

Customer communities are a big part of that strategy because they bring the voice of customers to the middle of product discussions, marketing messages, and sales strategies. These organizations reap the benefits by building products that their customers actually want to buy, using messages that resonate, and leveraging brand advocates to create more effective support and marketing content.

This white paper covers:

  • Why leading companies are adding a community strategy to their customer experience initiatives
  • How to prepare your organization for adoption of a customer community and avoid common pitfalls
  • What to look for in a customer community platform to ensure that your strategy is successful

This guide will help you better understand the benefits of customer communities, assess your readiness, and choose the right community platform for your organization.


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7 key features and characteristics to look for in a community platform