Key Considerations for Selecting the Perfect CMS

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Marketers are increasingly looking for a CMS solution that can holistically address their multi-channel needs. While there are CMS providers attempting to offer the entire package of functionality, it's rare that a single provider or platform will fit an organization's needs.

The challenge: Finding a flexible CMS solution, or set of solutions, that unify production and publication process, that can also keep up with the rapid evolution of multi-channel digital marketing.

This white paper takes a deep dive into:

  • Justifying new CMS investment internally
  • Determining organizational readiness
  • Mapping out your use cases and matching them with product features
  • Selecting a vendor

Read this white paper to understand the strategies, methods and steps that top performing organizations reported using in the Gleanster 2014 WCM Survey.

Best practices for investing in a new CMS solution

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