Ideation and Innovation: Procter & Gamble Case Study

P&G used enterprise collaboration to improve ideation productivity by 950%

ThinkTank P&G Study

Development of brand identity and value propositions for new products is critical to the P&G's success in the highly competitive consumer packaged goods industry. Traditional tools designed to support collaboration and idea generation were inefficient and often resulted in too few good ideas to effectively support new product introductions.

As a result, P&G deployed a new structured collaboration solution and included it as a key element of the P&G Innovation Gym. P&G’s product management teams use the solution to generate hundreds of ideas for brand identity packages, organize those ideas, and select a short list within just a few hours. In one particular case, P&G saw a 950% improvement in ideation productivity compared to traditional collaboration methods.

This case study includes:

  • P&G's challenges in brand identity and ideation
  • Structured collaboration's impact on P&G's idea-generating process and team productivity
  • A detailed look at how new collaboration products can affect big ideas

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