Seconds Could Cost You Millions

The problem with web content management & how to fix it

Download: Web CMS WhitepaperAs the primary platform for customer engagement, corporate websites are the most valuable marketing assets in promoting an organization’s brand, influencing customer behavior, and driving revenue.

A 2013 SiriusDecisions survey underscored the importance of the website in the sales cycle. 67% percent of a buyer’s journey is now done digitally. By 2015, 71% of all product inquiries will be inbound in nature. However, in order to bring prospects to a site, keep them there, and convert browsers to buyers, companies need speed.

This white paper covers:

  • The need for speed with web properties
  • What it takes to achieve accelerated performance
  • Why in-house WCM systems have proven disappointing

This white paper is sponsored by CenturyLink.

Download the white paper