The New Digital Asset Management Buyer's Guide - Fall 2014

Not all DAM solutions are created equal - Be an informed buyer

The 2014 DAM Buyer's Guide

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems enable users to collaboratively perform tasks surrounding digital content — such as images, audio and video files, animations and photographs.

These tasks include editing, tagging, cataloging, archiving, optimizing and importing/exporting files. Without a DAM solution in place, managing content and associated tasks can be a nightmare.

This guide serves as a handy reference for organizations considering buying a DAM solution, whether they are experienced DAM users or considering purchasing a DAM solution for the first time.

The 2014 DAM Buyer's Guide covers:

  • How to evaluate your organization's unique DAM needs
  • What to look for when evaluating DAM vendors
  • Is DAM technology a necessary investment for your organization

This guide is sponsored by Canto.

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