How Real-Time Analytics is Empowering Content Marketers

Why it's crucial to respond in real-time via closed loop feedback

Real-Time Analytics

With the emergence of social media and prominence of content marketing, consumers are introduced to new content on a minute-to-minute basis through multiple channels (i.e. news feeds, social media, mobile alerts, email). The emergence of the real-time web has changed the way digital marketers react and interact with customers, and how writers and editors create and promote digital content.

Consumers' needs have shifted to real-­time, wanting new content as soon as it’s available while yesterday’s content is already old news. This leads to a dilemma for content writers and marketers. Before publishing, one has to ask what exactly captures a reader’s attention with so much competition? 

This white paper covers:

  • The Emergence of Real-Time Web
  • The Shift from Reported to Real-time Analytics
  • The Opportunity of Real-time Analytics for Social Strategy

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