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Most Relevant Moment

As the consumer’s web experience remains static and irrelevant, we rely on traditional ROI generating channels such as email to convert. Although reliable, these channels lack the ability to market to consumers in real time, limiting potential.

Digital marketers are spending $50 billion dollars a year getting consumers to say “YES” to their products and services, while accepting a painfully low threshold for performance - an average conversion rate of 2%. It is necessary to engage visitors in real time, the moment they arrive to the website.

This whitepaper discusses:

  • What constitutes real-time marketing
  • How to engage the consumer when it matters the most
  • The cost of online conversions

Use this resource to understand what’s most effective in improving conversion rates and increasing customer engagement through real-time marketing.

Marketing to the Most Relevant Moment


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White Paper: Why Real-Time is Key to Online Marketing Success