Buyer's Guide: Selecting a CMS that Supports Your Business

Key insights and current trends to guide you through the buying process

Buyers Guide: Selecting a CMS that Supports Your BusinessHow do you go about selecting a CMS in a business environment that is increasingly signified by its mobility and connectivity?

To meet the expectations of the connected and engaged user, enterprise businesses have to ask themselves, what do our users need, what task(s) are they trying to solve, when and where and how can we help them?

This Buyers Guide focuses on how you can prepare for the evaluation and implementation process and ensure that you purchase the best CMS for your enterprise. It isn't an evaluation of specific products, but rather guidance on what you need to make the right analyses and ask the right questions from your organization, users, vendors and possible implementation partners.

The CMS Buyer's Guide covers:

  • How to make a business case built on your goals and strategies
  • Key insights that you can use when planning to invest in a new CMS
  • A step-by-step plan for your own CMS project

This guide is sponsored by Telerik Sitefinity.

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