A Marketer's Guide to Selecting a Web Content Management System

Find the Right WCMS to Streamline Enterprise Content Publishing

Guide to Selecting WCM

Marketers today have to connect with their customers across a wide range of platforms, devices and interconnected sites. Done correctly, a well-implemented Web Content Management System (WCMS) enhances the customer experience and improves marketing efficiency.

Any business that fails to employ the latest technology runs the risk of appearing too old-school for a more tech-savvy population. Thus, a marketing plan must include provisions to manage all online content.

This Marketer's Guide includes:

  • Which WCMS Vendors you should consider
  • What you should look for in a WCMS
  • Things to consider when shortlisting a WCMS

If you have a website, kiosk, mobile app or other online presence, you need a WCMS.

This guide is sponsored by EX Squared Solutions.

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