Website Search is Business Crtical

Understand the impact of different department's ownership of search and make the right decision for your organization

Website Search Is Business-Critical

As websites have evolved, what has become increasingly clear is that building a high-performance one is both an art and a science, requiring skills across a variety of design, content, user experience, and analytics disciplines. 

Search directly impacts the key site performance metrics companies care about. But in order to achieve this performance, marketing teams must own and manage the website search experience.

This white paper explores how marketers can be empowered to take ownership of their company’s website search, and more importantly, what makes great site search so great. 

This white paper covers:

  • The 4 Pillars of Successful Website Search
  • How to Enable Amazing Mobile Search
  • Why Marketers, not IT Staff, Must Own Website Search

Sites that provide visitors with intuitive and contextual search capabilities see dramatically better visitor engagement, including longer average time-on-site, more repeat visitors, increased page views per visitor, and most importantly, more conversions. 

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